Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brewing Beer with Robots


SpinRite never quits! A heralding story in the making

I hear Steve Gibson's stories every week on Security Now (http://twit.tv/sn) and agree with them, since I've been a user for many years now. All the "SpinRite saves the day" proclamations have been true and I've been on the saving end of a dozen or so, similarly self titled hard drive stories. 

Today is just another in the making... but taking a while longer than most, hence the post at 4% mark of the marathon. Can't blame me for trying to be optimistic at and estimated 390 remaining. 

Here are some screen shots of the never waivering efforts of the magical hard drive potion available at http://www.grc.com/spinrite

Enjoy! And pass this on to any friend, family member or professional that has had a seemingly "lost cause" story on a hard drive. One bout of this powerful program will brighten anyone's pessimistic ponderings over the spinning (or static) data storage units.