Saturday, January 21, 2012

Verizon Wireless Outage in Central Ohio. Can anyone else confirm? #VerizonOutage

I have not been able to make or recieve calls from my iPhone 4S since 9:00 p.m. My wife and my cousin both have iPhone's on Verizon and have had no luck either. Anyone else having this?

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Mozilla offers alternative to OpenID

Mozilla offers alternative to OpenID

Mozilla has been working for a while now on a new browser-based system for identifying and authenticating users it calls BrowserID, but its only this month that all of its sites have finally been outfitted with the technology.

Mozilla aims for BrowserID to become a more secure alternative to OpenID, the decentralized authentication system offered to users of popular sites such as Google, Yahoo!, PayPal, MySpace and others.

"Many web sites store extensive user data and act on behalf of the user. While the browser may be fully under the user’s control, many of the services that users enjoy are not. Sometimes, these web services handle data in ways that are of questionable value to the user, even detrimental," points out Ben Adida, Mozilla's Tech Lead on Identity and User Data. "It’s clear that Mozilla needs to step up and provide, in addition to the Firefox browser, certain services to enhance users’ control over their online experience and personal data."

Apart from BrowserID, Mozilla is also looking to launch Boot to Gecko (B2G), a standalone mobile web-based operating system, and an app store.

As the BrowserID technology is finally ready to be implemented, Mozilla made available detailed instructions for web developers on how to do it.

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The Week We Stopped SOPA | Smarterware by @ginatrapani

The Week We Stopped SOPA

January 20, 2012

Anil sums up the history and future of web protest as we wrap up the week we stopped SOPA. I had chills on Wednesday, the day the web went black in protest of SOPA, because we were all witnessing—and more importantly, participating in—history in the making. I'm so very glad to be alive during these exciting times.

I couldn't agree more with GIna here... history and mass participation. All good!

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