Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Burkhart Family has a new member; today we welcome Zorro home

The Burkhart Family has a new member; today we welcome Zorro home


After many months of talking about it and searching... we have found the right match for our family. Call it fate, or destiny, or just plain luck - it couldn't feel more right! We are so excited for this opportunity to grow our family with our new buddy Zorro, who has a great temperament and zeal for life!

There was another family ahead of us to visit him and, although we were asked if we wanted to see other dogs, we were holding out hope to meet Zorro. After meeting him on Saturday 12/02/2012 spending some time playing with him then going on a walk, both my wife and I knew it was meant to be and agreed outside the doors of the shelter that we would like to adopt him. Fate interjected again, when our fortune cookie's had encouraging words at the lunch after meeting Zorro.

We just had to gather some paperwork and return Sunday morning to complete the transition for our new lives together. Unfortunately, I had to work while Monica got the good news that it was finalized and we could take Zorro home. However, I was able to meet them shortly after and go on his first shopping trip at the pet store. We got all kinds of fun and functional stuff for our buddy, Zorro, then headed home to unpack everything, get him some food and water, then go on a walk. He is a great guy to walk with, jog with and run with, as he is just full of energy and wants to be part of whatever is going on! After that, Monica headed into work and I got some travel time with my new buddy to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Zanesville. While there, we went on a jog/walk with Grandma then he enjoyed a chew toy while we had dinner and one more walk before hitting the road to Uncle Nick's in Gahanna. When we arrived there, we got a quick walk around the building and met some kitty cats... who were not sure they wanted to be immediate friends with Zorro, however, they were coming around by the time we left :)


Thank you to the Franklin County Dog Shelter for giving us this opportunity! Your staff was courteous, kind and accommodating and it was a pleasure working with you.


Now we're back home, got some more food and water and are both relaxing on our crash pads after an exhausting first day. I bet we'll all sleep well tonight!


Best wishes,

The Burkharts: Monica, Tony, Oedipus and Zorro <3


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