Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today Is Record Store Day 2011

An anonymous reader writes "Today marks the 5th annual Record Store Day, a celebration of independent record stores. As a music lover, I think this day is of dire importance." I know Free Comic Book Day (for 2011, that's May 7) has gotten a lot of people into comic stores who otherwise wouldn't — partly because of the many free comics given away — but hadn't heard of the record-store equivalent. It'd be nice for record stories to give away tons of 7" vinyl promos.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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No nool nike na nold nool #Zanesville


TTY available at the Zanesville Colony Mall!

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The World's Biggest Pac-Man game takes over the internet, your life -- Engadget


It's officially the weekend, which means you've got two choices: one, mimic iTr3vor and toss up a YouTube video of yourself dancing in an Apple Store, or two, blow your own mind with the magic of HTML5. In between hour-long Pica-Pic sessions, we'd recommend killing time in The World's Biggest Pac-Man game, which can be "played for fun" or linked to your Facebook account for those who savvy statistics. We'd bother telling you more, but we're fairly sure you're already firmly occupied with the source link. You're welcome. Or, we're sorry.

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