Thursday, May 20, 2010

Google TV Logitech Box via @uncrate

Google TV Logitech Box

Remember all those times we've been told about the inevitable merging of the web with TV, where finding shows would be as easy as finding porn pizza places online and we'd be able to simply click during an ad to purchase the product? Well, the Google TV Logitech Box ($TBA) gets us awfully close. Based on Android and running the Chrome browser, Google TV works with your current paid TV subscription as well as the vast majority of video online, channeling Google's search mojo to make it all easy to find and seamless to switch between. The Logitech box will house an Intel Atom processor and will integrate with any HDTV and set-top box to bring the Google TV experience to your house, complete with a specialized Harmony remote that packs a keyboard, remote control, and touchpad. Apple TV, you've outgrown your usefulness.

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iPad 3G is here!

Just received my iPad 3G via FedEx! Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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Best LOST finale party invitation ever!

Please Digg and pass on this awesomeness!


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