Friday, December 3, 2010

Jimmy Carter | 20lb Sounds

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This is our first original release. It's called Jimmy Carter and as you might expect it's about... well... Jimmy Carter, the former US president. We didn't set out to write a song about him particularly, it's just that someone came out with the line "Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer", and it had to be put into song. After a quick trawl of his Wikipedia page we were turning up all sorts of gems. Such as Jimmy Carter is the cousin of Motown Records suprimo Berry Gordy, he's also won a Nobel Peace prize and even a Grammy award. Mad huh?

All those nudgets of trivia found their way into the lyrics. It was originally just the main riff but then other sections were written to make it a bit more interesting as a full song. It's hard to know what to describe this as, it's almost country blues, but somehow not. There's a bit of harmonica thrown in there so watch out for that too. You can't beat the old gob iron.

This is licensed under CC BY-SA because it's our own original work. You can download it, share it with friends, give out CDs and generally help us spread this music as far as possible. We need your help to make this work.


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