Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Posterous Down

Blogging platform Posterous is currently down and out-of-service due to a DOS (denial-of-service) attack earlier today. The official Posterous Twitter account notes, “We’ve been targeted by a denial of service attack. We’re working as hard as we can to get it back up.”

Popular PR blogger  Steve Rubel is one of the many Posterous customers currently down due to the DOS attack. Steve was promoting his Google Wave is dead article from last year and is now pointing to a Google Cache of the article.

Please report in as always if you are a Posterous user and are finding it difficult to connect to your Posterous blog. And remember that all Web services go down at some point and I am certain the Posterous team is working hard to get the service back up as quickly as possible.

Update: 5:49 Eastern – Posterous now reporting 25% back in service and 100% expected back within 45 minutes.

Update: Posterous officials have posted regarding the outage with some important steps if you are a custom domain user.

Posted via email from Tony Burkhart

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