Thursday, March 19, 2009

NCAA Tournament 2009 Pick 'em

Tony Burkhart would like you to join their group in Yahoo! Sports Tournament Pick'em!

To accept the invitation, just follow this link. For reference, here's the group information.

Group ID#: 191996

A FUN and OPEN TO ALL - Last Minute group for all who want to join in the March madness bracket extravaganza! Pass it on to your friends too!

~ Tony Burkhart

Yup.... I don't follow the b-ball too closely, so these are all guesses at this point. I've heard talk that this is a year of chances, since no one team seems to be the out-right top pick. I was just talking to Ray and he said that a number one team has lost three games coming into the tourney. All in all, I just haven't followed the b-ball this year and will probably have the bracket to prove so!

Anyways, here are my brackets that I've filled out for various forums...

Ah, but before I forget, I will let Obama go first - how rude of me?!

Obama's bracket

Oaky, now on to my brackets -

Here is my standalone bracket - not affiliated with any boards/forums.
ESPN bracket

Then, we have my bracket for
Wackbag bracket

Here is the Sundance tech support bracket
Sundance bracket