Friday, February 1, 2008

Returning to base camp

David returning with a plate

Table scraps & Coors Light

Table scraps after round 1 at the Big Bass Brothers 2008 at the Lane Avenue Holiday Inn in Columbus, Ohio.

Thurman Cafe

The Thurman Cafe and Ray's favorite... a big yummy Burger!

610 WTVN News Radio stand

The 610 WYVN News Radio crew at the Big Bass Brothers 2008.

Hong Kong Buffet

The Ohio Deli

The Ohio Deli and the BIG Dagwood sandwich pieces!

Dairy Queen

Nazareth Restaurant

Home base - the phone guys table.

Derek and David return to the table, to Ray's delight. :)

Where's my rum and coke?

They let the herd in to graze!

The herd being corraled into the Holiday Inn conference room to graze!