Monday, April 30, 2012

1 World Trade Center Becomes the Tallest Building In NYC


darthcamaro writes "On 9/11, terrorists took the lives of thousands of Americans — and removed a pair of icons from the New York City skyline. For the last 10+ years, The Empire State Building was the tallest building in NYC, but that changed today. 'Poking into the sky, the first column of the 100th floor of 1 World Trade Center will bring the tower to a height of 1,271 feet, making it 21 feet higher than the Empire State Building.'"

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Geraldine Mock - First female to fly globe solo to get statue in Ohio |

First female to fly globe solo to get statue in Ohio | Zanesville Times Recorder |

COLUMBUS -- A group is raising money to create a bronze, life-sized statue of the Ohioan who was the first woman to fly solo around the world.

Newark native Geraldine Mock's historic flight ended in Columbus 48 years ago, and supporters plan to honor her with the statue at a history center in her hometown.

Mock told The Columbus Dispatch she's surprised by the plan. She said she thinks of statues as being more "for generals or Lincoln," not generally for women.

The 86-year-old Mock now lives in Quincy, Fla., but her sister Susan Reid remains in Newark and thinks people had largely forgotten about Mock's accomplishment.

Reid said supporters have raised about half of the $45,000 needed for the project.

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Here it is… #MadeInTheUSA #MadeInAmerica - Flint and Tinder: Premium Men's Underwear by Jake Bronstein — Kickstarter

By yours today and help back an American Entrepreneur and the US economy. Show love for your country and package :)

Flint and Tinder: Premium Men's Underwear

About this project

Flint and Tinder is ...

1. Highest quality ingredients for SUPERIOR COMFORT and DURABILITY

2. 100% Made in America - SUPPORTS USA ECONOMY

3. Fairly priced

... help support by making this your next pair of underwear today.

Hey Kickstarter,

Thanks for checking out my project.

It’s been a wild ride, starting with my noticing that all of the underwear currently on sale at major department stores comes from other countries… and the vast majority is made with poor materials.

Before I knew it – and without much prior-knowledge – I was trying to find a US factory to make the superior product I had in mind. So far, so good. 

I've got the designs, sourced the fabrics and findings, and found a factory that needs this product as much as I need them... I just need $30,000 to get it going. 

Please support at whatever level you're comfortable with. We'll pay you back with some really fantastic underwear, crafted for comfort with super-high quality materials you’re going to love. If you’ve got the time though, be sure to read the info below as well, it’s wordy but worth it.

Ready for the best bit? Beyond this opening order, for every 1000 pair we sell per month, 1 full-time job is literally added back to the assembly line. Amazing, right?

Thanks for your support. - Jake





A few questions you're likely to ask... 

What makes this underwear better than the other stuff out there? 

We started with the highest quality materials for an unbelievable level of comfort, then spared no expense making sure the construction was built to last.

The goal is that, from the minute you first put them on through a lifetime of washing, you can feel the difference. That they were made in America should be the icing on the cake.

PIMA cotton vs SUPIMA cotton; What’s the difference there? 

PIMA cotton is some of the finest cotton on earth. It has extremely long, silky fibers that when properly spun produce a breathable, soft yet durable yarn. But garments labeled PIMA are known to have as little as 5% PIMA, with the remainder of the fibers coming from lesser, easier to produce cotton strains.

SUPIMA is a trademarked term referring only to American gown PIMA cotton. Using this term requires a license in which the governing body, which closely monitors and licenses every step of the process, certifies that 100% of the cotton used is SUPIMA.

Lets talk design... 

Yes, lets. We started by incorporating every feature you’d find on the most expensive pairs of underwear. With each prototype, we stripped away a little bit more, until we were left with a perfectly balanced garment; Simple in design, rugged in construction, refined in our selection of top-notch materials.

Where does the underwear I’m wearing right now come from? 

Hard to say without looking at your tag (even a single brand often manufactures in several different countries). Of the underwear available on shelves in Manhattan, here’s what some of their tags say:
2(x)Ist — Thailand
A/X — Peru
Adidas — Indonesia
American Eagle Outfitters — Macao
Banana Republic — Indonesia
Boss Orange — Egypt
Brooks Brothers — Thailand
BVD — El Salvador
Calvin Klein — Vietnam
Clayborne — Pakistan
David Beckham/H&M — Cambodia
Diesel — China
Emporio Armani — Thailand
Fruit of the Loom — Vietnam
Gap — Indonesia
Hanes — India
Hugo Boss — China
Izod — China
J. Crew — China
Jockey — India
Joe Boxer — China
Kenneth Cole — Thailand
Old Navy — India
Pact — Turkey
Polo / Ralph Lauren — El Salvador
Stafford — Thailand
Tommy Hilfiger — Indonesia
Under Armor — Cambodia
Uniqulo — China
Wrangler — China
etc. etc. etc. Only one comes from the US– American Apparel, but it’s poor quality, not hugely comfortable and falls apart in the dryer over time.

Will buying Flint and Tinder create American jobs? 

You bet your ass it will! And not in some vague way either…

The factory I'm working with is family owned and operated. It’s over 100 years old. Just before the recession hit, they moved into a larger facility and invested in some of the capital improvements shown in the video (solar power etc.).

At that time they had 300+ employees and were hoping to double or triple in size. When we started this project however, with the economy in free-fall, they were down to just 90.

They’ve agreed to learn to make this new, high-end brand of American-made underwear. Here’s the fun part though: For ever 1000 pair we sell per month, 1 full-time job has to be added back to the assembly line. Hopefully, with your support, it will help them keep the doors open.

Wait, how can you make a product here in the US (where labor costs are higher), using better materials, and still charge a competitive price?

Great question. It’s hard, but not impossible.

1—Flint and Tinder will sell direct to consumers through our own website. This will avoid the 100% mark-up most stores add to products.

 2—The next stop is wholesale, but with almost no mark-up on our end, making the final retail price about the same as what we sell them for online. Why would we sell our product in a way that lets stores profit while hardly making anything on the deal ourselves? Simple: It’s going to allow us to create an American alternative that sits on shelves right next to it’s foreign-born competitors at a competitive price. Doing this supports our manufacturing partners (as they’ll get to make more underwear), but it’s also good marketing since many customers  like touching products in a retail environment that they later order from the web (meaning we’ll get to sell more underwear online too).

Tony Burkhart

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