Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pretty cool that @Lowes has Guest WiFi now. Good #customerservice!

#crunchbang #Linux on a #Dell #Optiplex GX100


So here is the Dell support site, so you can see the specs...

Yep, so now you understand why I'm using the Debian flavored #!

Wish me luck on this old beast :)

Tony Burkhart
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Jack #Nicklaus suggests using 12-hole #golf days per @EllingYelling report. What do you think? #opinion

Tony's take:

I understand the thought process by Jack... I really do. He wants to promote the sport commercially to appeal to a broader audience and have it compete with other televised sports, on the same level of excitement they are on. I think that thought process is wrong, based on one thing... this is Golf. It doesn't need to be a cut down version of the game, as its been agreed upon for decades. The PGA inherently IS different than other professional sports, like NASCAR, the NBANHL and NFL and it should be. It is the nature of the game. If you want minute after minute of hard hits and amazingly extreme bursts of athletic moments, watch the long drive competition, or watch MMA, like the UFC. It is some of my favorite sports television to watch, when I'm in the mood for a testosterone fueled, second by second, action packed, man vs man sport. That being said, I still like my coverage of the four round tourneys as is. Remember when they tried this with the NFL... and the XFL came about? I do... I loved it! I watched it and bought into it fully. Where is that league now? Exactly.

I do think there is room for an additional "something"/short-round-golf, but don't call it the the PGA call it the XGA or Extreme Golf Association, or something along those lines, but leave the sport we know and have loved for years alone. Create a branch, or a fork in the road here, with this new and exciting idea. Let players choose to go to the XGA and compete in 2, 12 hole tourneys on the weekends for big money, but make it exciting like the XFL and change the rules a bit, just bend em to be a little more explosive and exciting! I am all for that :)

Steve Elling's article:

Nicklaus poses heretical idea: Use 12-hole days

By Steve Elling

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- The NFL has the three-hour game almost down to a science. Big-league baseball not so much,