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Good Samaritan finds lost purse, returns it to owner | The Newark Advocate |

Good Samaritan finds lost purse, returns it to owner


PATASKALA — A stranger recently came to the aid of an area woman, proving good Samaritans still are alive and well.

Charity Henschen, of Pataskala, had stepped away from work on Valentine’s Day to buy snacks for a meeting at her Etna workplace, Menlo Logistics. Henschen bought the snacks at the Kroger in Pataskala, and she returned to work thinking nothing was amiss.

That quickly changed.

“I was in a mad rush to get the snacks for the meeting, and when I got back to give my boss her (debit) card and receipt, I realized I had lost (my purse),” said Henschen, who has lived in Pataskala for three years.

Not only had she lost her purse, but she had lost the $400 that was in it, in addition to her debit card and her boss’ debit card.

Henschen returned to Kroger, but there was no sign of her purse.

“I was devastated,” Henschen said. “(I was) in tears, pacing through Kroger, looking for any sign of it.”

Aside from being gripped by fear for potentially losing her boss’ debit card, Henschen was worried because she just had cashed her paycheck. The $400 was supposed to go toward groceries, gasoline and other needs.

After having no luck searching for her purse at the grocery store, Henschen left her contact information with an employee and returned to work.

“I had pretty much given up all hope I was going to get it,” said Henschen, adding both she and her boss canceled their debit cards soon after she returned to work for the second time.

Henschen had lost her purse around 12:45 p.m., and she was sitting at her desk around 4 p.m. when her mother called her out of the blue.

“She said, ‘Did you lose your purse?’ and I said, ‘Mom, how did you know that?’” Henschen said.

Her mother, who lives in Indiana, said a stranger had called her and said he had found a purse near the sliding doors inside Kroger. He was trying to track down the owner.

Henschen kept a planner filled with contacts in her purse, and she later found out the stranger had started calling the numbers in it until he reached her mother’s former employer in Indiana. Someone there called her mother, and her mother called Henschen.

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