Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Verizon Outage: 4G LTE Network Is Down

Another Verizon Outage: 4G LTE Network Is Down

Verizon 4g lte outage

Verizon is currently experiencing an outage, however, this doesn’t affect all subscribers. According to several reports, the 4G LTE network doesn’t work anymore as many people have said that they cannot send messages, call their contacts, send an email, or browse the web using the 4G LTE network.

Although Verizon hasn’t acknowledged the outage for the moment, we are pretty sure that the company is gathering more details about the problems. It’s a necessary step, and the carrier will probably address the issues once it gets to the bottom of this.

Several users said that the Verizon 4G LTE outage affects people living in Ohio, Pheonix, Indianapolis, Pennsylvania, and Milwaukee among others. Some people even reported that they can no longer connect to the 4G LTE network on their compatible device.

Verizon has been hit by outages a number of times in the past so this is nothing new. Maybe the company is implementing some new features or fixes some older problems, and it didn’t have enough time to complete the changes. All-in-all, the network should go back up soon unless something worse happens.

Let us know where do you live and if the Verizon outage is affecting you right now. Oh, please inform us what smartphone or tablet you own!

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