Thursday, February 24, 2011

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@IntoNow @Shazam @getglue need to have a three way, or form a super band.

So... If you know what all 3 of these services already are, you have probably thought of this. I love all three and right now it is a mutually exclusive love, because as far as I know, there is no interoperability.If you know of any way these three wonderful social tool interact... please let me know!!!

I like the ease of use on IntoNow and Shazam, with the "single tap" or "listen now" feature. You open the app, let it listen via the microphone and it analyzes what your listening to, then displays the result on the screen. IntoNow is used for TV shows and Shazam for music... hence their usefulness for my third app... my favorite social media app so far - GetGlue! Okay... where do I start with everything that is right about GetGlue? How about I borrow their "about" paragraph, as they said it right the first time and there's no reason to butt in on that conversation.

"GetGlue is a leading social network for entertainment, with more than 900,000 users and 12M new unique ratings and check-ins for TV shows, movies, music and books every month. Fans use GetGlue apps to check-in while consuming entertainment to share with friends and to earn exclusive rewards from our partners.

GetGlue is based in New York City and is currently working with 20th Century FOX, AMC, ABC Family, Disney Theatrical, Discovery, ESPN, FOX, Food Network, Hachette, HBO, HGTV, MTV, MSNBC, Showtime, Penguin, PBS, Random House, Simon and Schuster, Syfy, Sony Pictures, Travel Channel, USA, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros Theatrical and other major entertainment companies.

GetGlue has been nominated by Mashable as one of the 6 promising new companies of 2010, and called Foursquare for Entertainment by press, including Inc Magazine.

The GetGlue mobile apps enable users to check-in to TV shows, movies, music and books, plus see what their friends are consuming in real-time. On users can quickly build up their taste profile, get fresh suggestions every week, browse top lists and find taste neighbors."

There... much better and you actually understand what it is :)

Anyways, I think GetGlue could benefit greatly from the back-end technology of IntoNow and Shazam

For more information on any of the aforementioned iOS applications, check out the following links:


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Facebook Beefs Up Security With Social Captchas and All HTTPS, All The Time @SGgrc - finally!!!


Facebook is introducing two new measures to beef up security: expanding HTTPS connections as an all-the-time option and using social captchas to authenticate users who have lost passwords. Let’s take these one at a time.

HTTPS is a secure connection (more secure than plain-vanilla HTTP connections), and Facebook already uses HTTPS for when you log into an outside site through Facebook Connect and send your passwords back to Facebook. But now you will have the option to set HTTPs as the default connection for everything you do on Facebook itself. Pages will load slower over HTTPS, but you also won’t be vulnerable to people sniffing your password over WiFi using something like Firesheep. (Maybe Facebook should offer a “more secure” on/off button you could click every time you are not on a secure network at your home or office). Some app developers will need to use a new “Secure Canvas URL” so that their apps can also be accessed over HTTPS.

The social captcha feature is pretty clever. It will replace regular captchas (those slightly warped letters you are asked to re-enter to prove you are human) with a picture of one of your friends. You will need to identify the person to authenticate yourself when you are trying to retrieve a lost password or Facebook detects suspicious login activity on your account. You do know what all your “friends” look like, don’t you?

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