Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Now is a good time to jump over to Google+ while Anonymous begins to take control of Facebook

Now is a good time to jump over to Google while Anonymous begins to take control of Facebook.

Has offensive material appeared in your Facebook news feed over the last twenty-four hours? If so, you're not alone, as security firm Sophos has confirmed the sudden-yet-offensive problem.

According to reports made by Facebook users, news feed content and personal messages now include explicit hardcore porn images, Photoshopped photos of celebrities in sexual situations, pictures of extreme violence and a photograph of an abused dog. That said, workers may need to get their Facebook fill at home rather than on the job until the porn flood has been contained... unless you work within the porn industry, that is.

News of the problem began to surface as Facebook users took to Twitter to vent their anger. The complaints universally point out that porn-posters are unaware that their accounts have been compromised to publish the offensive material. Even more, they can't even see the images posted on their wall or in their message box after logging on.

"One of my friend's accounts was compromised and messages containing a video were sent," reads one Twitter post. "My daughter's boyfriend had something posted on his wall that he couldn't see on his computer, but my daughter could see on his wall from hers."

"I had to deactivate my FB after all that Jesus porn... I just can't risk my position in heaven looking like I posted that mess," another user Tweeted. That's right, porn related to Jesus is making the rounds across Facebook as well.

"I have 5000 friends," said actress and director Courtney Zito. "My feed is littered with porn. I can't even check my news feed with anyone around because of it. Just saw one with a guy who had his skull bashed in and his brains on the street. Another one was the devil... Besides the countless naked girls. I'm about ready to deactivate."

Currently Sophos isn't sure how the offending content has been spread across Facebook, but assumes that it stems from a successful dose of spam.

"Whether users are falling for a clickjacking scheme, are being tagged in content without their knowledge, have poorly chosen privacy settings, have been tricked into installing malicious code, or have fallen victim to another vulnerability inside Facebook itself," Sophos reports. "What's clear, however, is that mischief-makers are upsetting many Facebook users and making the social networking site far from a family-friendly place."

But numerous reports are now pointing to a threat made by Anonymous, a threat to attack Facebook using a powerful "Guy Fawkes virus" they developed. According to the hacktivist group, it's a highly sophisticated work that takes control of your Facebook account and spreads to your friends' accounts without you actually being logged in.

"After the worm gets under control, Anonymous will use this to its advantage against corruption, and as an alternative attack towards groups who take on Anonymous," the group states in the video seen below, blatantly admitting to the Facebook attack back on Thursday. "We are Anonymous. We are a legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us."

As of this writing, Facebook has not issued an official statement.

Anonymous #Operation ''Fawkes Virus'' Released on Facebook

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