Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just Why Is Golf So Good? | Beginner Golf Tips

A lot of people around the world play golf and it is safe to say that over the past few years golf has really kicked off thanks to sportsman like Tiger Woods. is there anything that makes the sport a great one to play? well yes there is and here are some of those great reasons.


No Fights


you will never see a fight in golf, not unless you are watching happy gilmore and this is great. the sport really does need to be proud of something like this. Golf is one of the sports that set a great example to kids which means you can take a kid to a golf game and know for a fact there will not be any fighting, loud jeering or swearing of any kind. In this respect I think golf really is a great thing for children to look to and it helps to make it a great sport.




so many people think that golf is a lazy sport, this is not true. Not everyone uses that  golf battery to get around. In fact most people will skip those lithium golf batteries altogether and walk the course. you get a lot of exercise if you are playing a round of 18 and you are walking the course, it can really help with things. Things like electric golf trolley batteriesare useful for people that perhaps cannot manage the whole course on foot and this is also where golf carts come into it.




another surprising fact to many people is that golf is a fun sport to play which is why so many people play it!.


if you are still not sure the thing I would do is to give it a try!

In the end, the choice to do something like this is yours!

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