Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Privately, Hollywood admits DRM isn't about piracy

"In a nutshell: DRM's sole purpose is to maximize revenues by minimizing your rights and selling them back to you"

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by Tony Burkhart

Ahhh, alas! Isn't this surprising?! Everything we do... every choice we make is either for love or money. Corporate America has turned us into Wal-Martians who never return fire, put up a front or even state displeasure. You are all sheep! Do I blame corporate America? No. I blame American contempt... the flame is dying. It's a business' sole purpose to make a profit, but it's your human right and responsibility as a consumer to think for yourself. This story shouldn't serve as a "told-ya-so", but a "wake up man!". It's just one more way that we passively-aggressively give up... yes, it takes an effort to be this numb.


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