Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kashi : Get a free frozen entrée

Sign up, and they'll send you a coupon for a free entrée. I just saw the commercial on the Food Network this morning.


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Thursday, February 26, 2009

NIN - 1,000,000 Live from on stage, Sydney 2.22.09 [HD]

1,000,000, live from the stage at the Soundwave Festival in Sydney, Australia, February 22, 2009.

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1,000,000 Live from on stage, Sydney 2.22.09 [HD] from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

Breaking Bad Season 1 Marathon - Friday, March 6 at 8PM | 7C

Need a Breaking Bad refresher before the new season? Watch the entire first season of the Emmy-winning series in a back-to-back marathon on March 6 starting at 8PM |7C. See how Walt White breaks bad, then follow the course of events over seven episodes that transforms him into Heisenberg. Leading up to the Season 2 premiere Mrch 8 at 10 PM | 9C.

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Bishop Richard Williamson according to former student Rev. John Rizzo

Until last month, Bishop Richard Williamson was barely known outside the ultraconservative world of the Society of St. Pius X. That was before Pope Benedict lifted his excommunication and it emerged that Williamson is an unrepentant Holocaust denier. "The historical evidence is hugely against 6 million Jews having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler," Williamson said in the interview. Rev. John Rizzo recalls "He said it was a pack of lies, that we shouldn't fall victim to a type of public sympathy toward the Jews". "He was always insisting that women should not wear pants, because that would be an occasion of sin, that women when married should be subjected to their husbands to such a degree — I'll never forget this — that if the wife misbehaves the husband should be willing to beat her," he said.Rizzo also recalls that when Williamson taught sacred scriptures, he would often espouse conspiracy theories and attack the American government — a theme he would pick up in a 2007 lecture in London where he described the United States as a police state. "And I hope none of you believe that 9/11 is what it was presented to be," Williamson said at the time. "Of course two towers came down, but it was absolutely for certain not two airplanes which brought down those two towers; they were professionally demolished by a series of demolition charges from top to bottom of the towers."

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I'm pretty much at a loss for words here. I'll leave this one up to your own opinions


In related news -

Pope Benedict said on Monday that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behavior was just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.

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That's one heck of an analogy, don't you think? I guess gay people must suppress 28% of the worlds oxygen!? Maybe they stop a number of natural medicines from being discovered?! Mind-blowing... can't see why church membership is dwindling to all time lows.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twitter - Part 1 : How I use it and why I like it

@ Kaleb, Frank, Adam, Ray, David, Toby, Chris and Dad.
Actually, for that matter, for anyone that is interested in using Twitter and has not done so due to reservations, time constraints or any other reason. It's great, trust me!

I'm sure many of you have heard of Twitter, as I have not stopped talking to you about it recently. I signed up in 2007 and did not make my first Twit until 2008, when my friend Amy signed up for it and found my profile. That was October of 2008... I then didn't Twitter again until very recently (Feb 18th, I believe). I just didn't get it and wasn't into it... well that all changed. Once again someone found my profile on Twitter and it struck me this time - "Hey, I think I'll start using this".

It is super easy to use! It will integrate with anything, be it mobile device, web app, facebook, flickr, IM, blog, etc. Anything that you currently use to communicate with can be adapted to Twitter. Chances are if you can think of it.... someone else has too, just Google it and see if an integration application exists. If you are not sure, then ask me and I will find it for you. I update it when I'm on my way to or from a job-site, during the workday. I'll post a picture on Flikcr that updates my Twitter feed or a video on that will update it or just send a TXT to my feed and say "going to lunch". then in the evenings, my blog will update my Twitter feed, when I post.

Twitter has a great What/Why/How section (here), that is much shorter and concise than this blog post!
Why? Because even basic updates are meaningful to family members, friends, or colleagues—especially when they’re timely.

->Eating soup? Research shows that moms want to know.
->Running late to a meeting? Your co–workers might find that useful.
->Partying? Your friends may want to join you.


3 easy steps to using Twitter

1. Sign up for an account

2. Connect to people you know
a. Search for existing Twitter users by name
- http://twitter - find_on_twitter
b. Search for existing Twitter users by e-mail address
- http://twitter - find_on_other_networks
c. Invite someone via e-mail
- http://twitter - invite_by_email

3. Once you find someone - follow them!
I know it sounds creepy, huh? Well it isn't, it's actually quite cool!

4. The way it works
You get to see what others are doing. That is the whole point of Twitter... no long, drawn out posts (like this blog!). It is a short (less than 140 characters) update of what you're currently doing. That simple. You can say "eating breakfast with Dad" or "on my way to lunch with Toby" or anything you want to! It just updates your Twitter feed, so that those who follow you know what you're doing and can stay up-to-date. You can post links to your favorite sites, stories, blogs, etc. (but we'll get to that later, as that's more advanced stuff)

Okay, that's enough for "Part 1" of my Twitter rant! Any questions and or comment, let me know! Part 2 to follow soon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Uncrate: Terminator 2 Skynet Edition

Check this out.

Terminator 2 Skynet Edition

Finally, a T2 Blu-ray worth owning. Terminator 2 Skynet Edition ($TBA; May 19) will bring multiple THX-certified HD versions of the film to your home theater, with all-new 6.1 DTS-HD Master Audio Lossless sounds, BD-Live features, audio commentary with director James Cameron, and more. It's the closest you can get to having a T-1000 in your living room.

See more stuff you never knew you wanted at

Privately, Hollywood admits DRM isn't about piracy

"In a nutshell: DRM's sole purpose is to maximize revenues by minimizing your rights and selling them back to you"

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by Tony Burkhart

Ahhh, alas! Isn't this surprising?! Everything we do... every choice we make is either for love or money. Corporate America has turned us into Wal-Martians who never return fire, put up a front or even state displeasure. You are all sheep! Do I blame corporate America? No. I blame American contempt... the flame is dying. It's a business' sole purpose to make a profit, but it's your human right and responsibility as a consumer to think for yourself. This story shouldn't serve as a "told-ya-so", but a "wake up man!". It's just one more way that we passively-aggressively give up... yes, it takes an effort to be this numb.


G-1 Pool Table : For the man who has everything…

A pool table made of glass (and which costs 30 grand). Cool…

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In memory of Ed W. Freeman. Medal of Honor winner.

Ed W. Freeman was a United States Army pilot who received the Medal of Honor on July 16, 2001 for his actions in the Battle of Ia Drang in 1965. As a helicopter pilot, he flew through gunfire more than 20 times during a single battle, bringing supplies to a trapped battalion of United States soldiers, 70 of which he flew to safety.

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Americans should be inspired by men like Ed Freeman and his selfless actions. Please pass this on, as an inspirational story (click here to share). For more detail and to read the Ed W. Freeman story on Wikipedia click here.

Thanks to Mike Scholl, for bringing this story to my attention.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Yes! I wait with anticipation for tour dates. Is anyone else having their teenage music eyes rubbed, as if after a nap?! I love it!

NIN Tour dates 2009 <-> Jane's Addiction site


In anticipation of their upcoming tour with Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction got together this past Monday for an unannounced show in Los Angeles.

Live Review by Ian Cohen
...But once 11:10 hit, then they did it... just like that. Forty minutes, including an encore...

Videos of JA at Echo Park below


Ain't No Right

Had A Dad

Mountain Song

Ocean Size


4 Wheel fun

Breaking: Techcrunch are full of shit

I'm sure you've heard that are stealing your scrobbles and distributing them to get you arrested. Newsflash: That's a load of crap.

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White Zombie, an electric 1972 Datsun 1200.

Best lead acid powered ET 11.882 @ 109.58 mph!

Best lithium ion powered ET 11.466 @ 114.08 mph!

Watch the terrific episode from the TV show 'Oregon Field Guide' (aired 11-13-08) that featured White Zombie:

Report: State workers to get furloughs | Cincinnati Enquirer | Cincinnati.Com

Report: State workers to get furloughs | Cincinnati Enquirer | Cincinnati.Com

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

State to start charging sales tax on online digital purchases Oct. 1 - JSOnline

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  
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